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"I’m not perfect but I have a perfect God, that’s loves me perfectly"

im gonna be hot in a few years i swear

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Anonymous asked: Yo Bree, if you don't mind me asking, what are you doing this year? I know you're finished school, but are you having a gap year? Or doing acting? I just ask because I'm almost finished year twelve and am so confused about what to do next year! Wondering if you could offer some wisdom.. P.s, super jel you're going overseas soon :( what are you doing over there? xxx

I don’t know when these messages were asked.. must have been a long time ago I’m never on here! Umm I just finished 6 months of acting here on the coast and now I’m doing another 2 and a half months in LA! Other than that I’m just working heaps. And I am going overseas for study+my sisters wedding:) Don’t stress… if you’re not sure.. take a gap year. I think too many people jump into Uni courses that they don’t want to do just because they think they have to… but in the end you have to pay for it eventually so I suggest just travelling and exploring your different interests before committing to a career :) xxx

Anonymous asked: what foundation do you use? your skin looks so good!!

Oh no no, trick photography! The crappiest revlon type! But I have mac but only use it if i’m going out or something, not just as everyday makeup.

Anonymous asked: what did you do for your 18th :) ?

just went to a few clubs and a strip club with my friends. ‘Was a fun a night :)

Anonymous asked: Are you ticklish, if so where?

every. fricken. where.

Anonymous asked: hey girl! just wondering where you got your braces put on? you have the most incredible teeth ever!

Oh what! Haha I really don’t see that but thank you! Medlands xx